All About Fat When Building Your Muscle

lose fat build muscle

Does fat have anything to do with building muscle? Learn more in this guide.

Losing fat and building muscles are two of the most common fitness goals. Most people aim to lose fat first before building their muscles. But in fact, it is possible to achieve these two fitness goals at the same time.

Many exercises aim to burn fat and build muscles. Through regular workouts, you can burn body fat and grow your muscles. To do this, you need to be willing to change your lifestyle.

Let’s say, for example, that you go to the gym regularly. You spend two hours exercising your heart every day. But what do you do with the rest of the 24 hours?

Burning Fat and Building Muscles

In losing fat and building muscles, you need to look at what you do both inside and outside the gym. Here are several things that you should consider to meet your fitness goals:

1. Level up your intensity.

Are you focused whenever you train, or do you check your phone between sets? Do yourself a favor and keep your phone in a locker. Better yet, leave it at home if possible.

Every time you break your concentration, you see you lessen the effectiveness of your workout. To burn fat and grow your muscles, you need to work up to intense exercise. You can do this by staying away from things that distract you from your workout.

Rather than rest between sets, perform some low-impact exercises instead. This way, your body will keep moving and lose fat more effectively.

2.Eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Try eating smaller meals throughout the day, around once every three hours. You will find yourself more relaxed and less prone to overeating if you do this. You will be able to regulate your blood sugar level and maintain the right body weight.

To do this:

  • Prepare your meals at the beginning of the day.
  • Always have something ready every three hours.
  • Choose healthy foods like dried fruit, nuts, energy bars, seeds, and protein drinks.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol once in a while is okay. But if you are truly serious about losing fat and building your muscles, consider going alcohol-free for a month. You’d be surprised with the results.

Too much alcohol adds empty calories to your body and disrupts your sleep. It also increases the amount of cortisol or stress hormone, which will make you even fatter. Furthermore, it affects protein synthesis, which your body needs to repair muscle fibers.

4. Walk, jog, and run regularly.

Have you ever noticed that runners have powerful and lean bodies? Running can help you burn fat and improve the size of your muscles. In addition, it can also strengthen your nervous system and make your body more flexible.

5. Do Combination Workouts.

For best results, add some variations to your workouts. Aside from going to the gym, why not join a sports activity as well? This way, your body can perform different kinds of movements and exercises.

If you live near a beach, take advantage of the terrain. Running on sand adds a level of difficulty to your routine. What’s more, you can breathe some fresh air and enjoy the view.

Do not be afraid to vary your workouts from time to time. In the long run, this will be more effective towards your goals of burning fat and developing muscles.

6. Try Swimming and Water Sports.

Aside from runners, swimmers also have the leanest bodies. Swimming often involves high-intensity movements, perfect for building muscles and losing fat. If you include swimming in your weekly routine, you will see some positive results.

Other than swimming, you can try different kinds of water sports. Skiing, water polo, and even water aerobics are great ways of staying in shape.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you are losing fat, and building muscles are not just about spending countless hours at the gym. It would help if you considered changing your diet, workout routines, and general lifestyle. Choose only healthy foods and eat them in smaller portions throughout the day.

Aside from gym exercises, consider going out for a walk or a run. Join a water sport or go swimming regularly. Engage in combination workouts so that your body can perform various movements.

Losing fat and building your muscles means getting the proper nutrition and doing the right exercises. These are the keys to achieving your fitness goals.

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